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Website maintenance Graphic arts and material prep. Phone Polling 
Line up speaking engagements, etc. Office management and tasks. 
Writing - position papers, letters to newspapers, etc. Research, etc.
Speaking - presentations, events, etc. 
  Campain Assistance: 
Collect candidate petition signatures (to place names on the ballot) 
Putting up signs Working polls on election day, etc. 
  Other Help: 
Do you agree with the present direction of southwestern Pennsylvania's leadership? 
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Wish I could, but probably won't Definitely Not 
Does having the option of the PANDA platform make it more likely you might run 
for county or municipal office? Yes No
Are you working with a campaign? 
Yes Plan to No plans yet, but willing to No and won't
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Financial contributions and in-kind donations may be made to PANDA.
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720 Allegheny Building
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Pittsburgh, PA 15219

For more information call:   412-343-6177   
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    FAX:  412-765-2704

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