The Pittsburgh Area New Direction Alternative


early six decades of misguided leadership and disastrous public policy has left the Pittsburgh area in desperate need of a new direction.  Faced with continuing decline, our region's ruling elte proclaim it's not that they've been doing the wrong things, it's that they've not been doing enough of the wrong things, and they're determined to do more, faster, and on a larger scale.  Brushing aside even the most legitimate criticism as naysaying, these "leaders" quip that those who object should say what they would do different.

Well here it is — and with a strategy to make it happen!

A platform, not an organization

PANDA itself is not an organization but rather a collection of ideas and proposals.  As a nonprofit volunteer effort, PANDA seeks to provide the people of southwestern Pennsylvania with a real choice for the region's future.

You can contribute your own ideas.  If you would like to join with others to work for the implementation of PANDA, a group is being organized.

PANDA's purpose

PANDA is designed to:

  • offer concerned citizens a comprehensive set of solutions for the region's problems
  • help the public hold their elected officials accountable
  • encourage good, nonpolitically involved people to run for public office

PANDA is nonpartisan

PANDA is open and available to candidates of all political parties.  However, being a public policy platform and not a group, PANDA does not endorse candidates.  Candidates, on the other hand, can endorse PANDA, use it with their platform, and advertise as such.

Those involved with PANDA can and often do individually support, volunteer, or work with various campaigns.

Easy to understand

Some people may consider PANDA a new way of thinking.  But, if you're like most people, you'll find it's really just common sense.

Please stay and have your say

We hope you'll take some time to browse and that you'll help spread the word about the PANDA Page.

You're also welcome to comment and make suggestions.

Have a proposal you would like to see included?  If so, please contact us.

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